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Why you should consider obtaining an Australian PR through a Business Visa

Updated: Dec 19, 2018

As Malaysians, we are always looking for ways to improve the Standard of Living and Quality of Life for our family. The following 4 factors are what many Malaysians aim to achieve in their lifetime:

  1. The ability to provide your children with the best opportunities both in terms of education and career possibilities;

  2. Earning a Healthy Return on your investments;

  3. Protecting your wealth; and

  4. Getting the best healthcare

If you are considering these four aspects in life, it maybe time to consider applying for a business visa (PR) in Australia as it will open many opportunities in terms of education, healthcare, business and investment not available to foreigners.

Some of the notable features of being a PR include:

  1. Free education and subsidised University Rates (A savings an average of $28,000 AUD) per year;

  2. Free Healthcare (Medicare) from experienced Medical Practitioners;

  3. The opportunity to purchase property at reduced rates stamp duty rates (11% for Foreigners vs 4% for Locals);

  4. Excess to Mortgages from Australian Institutions at lower interest Rates;

  5. The Ability to Start a Business in Australia; Such as undertaking a Land Development project in Perth;

  6. The ability to purchase established Dwellings (second hand property) ; and

  7. There is no need to stay in Australia, so long as you can show strong personal, economic and cultural ties to Australia.

If you are interested to know more feel free to contact us and a Migration Lawyer will be in touch to tell you more about how obtaining a PR could provide you and your family with a brighter future.


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